1995 Unofficial Interval Trip to Yosemite

The third annual unofficial Interval summer trip to Yosemite was September 10 and 11th. The first day was spent driving to Yosemite, lunching at Teneya Lake, and an afternoon hike up Lembert dome.


Most of the following pictures were taken during lunch at Teneya Lake. 01 02 04 06 07 09

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Lembert Dome

After lunch, a number of us drove to Tulomne meadows and hiked up Lembert Dome. It's a 1.4 mile hike and an 800 foot climb to the top. We're rewarded with views of the entire area. 19 20

Most of the people climbing Lembert Dome made it into a group shot. They are identified below from left to right.

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To Half Dome

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Approaching Clouds Rest

The approach to Clouds Rest is up to the Merced River valley through Little Yosemite and up to the shoulder on the east side of Half Dome. Just below the top the trail splits and most people head towards Half Dome. The shoulder is the very lowest point on the ridge between Clouds Rest and Half Dome below.

After the split, the trail to Clouds Rest continues up the back face of the mountain, only reaching the front near the very top. Clouds Rest is a full 1000 feet taller than Half Dome, and not nearly as crowded. Wow!

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Panorama from Clouds Rest

From on top of Clouds Rest, you can see a long way in all directions. It's the highest peak in the area. The shots below show a full 360 degree panorama. 34 35 36 37 38 39 40

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Between Clouds Rest and Teneya

It was amazing, 7.4 miles from Clouds Rest to Teneya Lake. And it was spring time in September. Just a little snow left and the spring flowers were everywhere. We saw lots of Indian Paintbrush and green grass. Deer sipped water from a stream not more than 20 feet from where we stopped to rest. It was idyllic. 47 48

The Legal Stuff

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