Exploring North Cascades National Park

Dan and Deena Wolens joined us for a trip to North Cascades National Park at the end of October 1995. We only got to spend two days there, not nearly long enough to explore such a wonderful park. We saw lots of rain, but still had a great time.

Colonial Creek and Camping

We spent a night camping at Colonial Creek, near the center of the Ross Lake Recreation Area. 088 078 073

The next morning, the early morning mist took quite a while to burn off. The snow came down another thousand feet over night.
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The People

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The Lakes

The easily accessible part of the park are around the big lakes used to store power. The first pictures are of Diablo Lake.
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The other pictures are of Ross Lake.
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The Colors

The colors around Ross Lake were pretty wonderful. Bright patches of yellow dotted the hillsides.
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The Hiking

The hiking was great. The slopes were easy and we didn't see any other people on the trail.
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We need to go back. Two days in the area, and we never really entered the National Park. We have to go back and spend more time.
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